Flipkart starts EBook Store

After launching Flipkart Digital Music store Flyte, they have started Digital EBook Store.

Key Points to note:

  • EBooks can be read only on Android Devices: Phone or Tablets. The EBook App can be downloaded from Google Play.
  • Has good collection Indian author Books- like Amish Tripathi & Chetan Bhagat
  • Ebooks costs from Amazon Kindle Store and Flipkart is alomost same. But Kindle is offered in several platforms: IOS, Android, PC, Separate hardware
  • We need to wait & see if they will add addition client support on various platforms.


SMS from Gmail in India

Google has added option to send SMS from Gmail in India.
Here is the steps to follow:

You can send SMS messages to your contacts’ mobile phones using Gmail Chat. To do so from Gmail:

  1. Enter your contact’s name in the ‘Search or invite friends’ box in Chat, and select Send SMS from the box of options that appears to the right of your contact’s name. Or, if you already have a Chat window open for this contact, just click Options, and select Send SMS.
  2. In the dialog box, enter a phone number in the ‘Send SMS messages to this number’ field. This feature is only launched in selected countries. Click here for the list of supported countries and operators. If you are not located in one of these countries you can still use it, but you won’t see the SMS option in Chat until you enable it manually in the Chat settings page.
  3. Click Save.
  4. A Chat window appears. Just type your message as you would normally. When you hit Enter, the message will be sent to the phone number you entered.

Message Limit:

They give 50 Message credit. the exact details are below:

SMS credit is an allocation of SMS (text messages) that you’re able to send to a mobile phone:

  • Initially, you’re granted a credit of fifty messages.
  • Every time you send a message, your credit decreases by one.
  • Every time you receive an SMS message in Chat (for example when a phone user replies to one of your messages) your credit increases by five, up to a maximum of 50.

If your SMS credit goes down to zero at any point, it will increase back up to one 24 hours later. So, you won’t ever be locked out of the system.

 Supported mobile operators in India:

All Mobile operators in India are supported for this feature. Initially major operators like Airtel & BSNL were not present. Looks like Google has come to agreement with them and every operator is supported.

What happens when reach the SMS limit:

Keep in mind that if you’d like a higher message credit, you can always send an SMS to your own phone, and then reply to that message multiple times. Every time you send a reply message, your SMS credit is increased by five. Effectively, you’re buying more messages by paying your phone company for these outgoing messages.


Track Train Status and Live Location in in Google Map

What to know the exact location of the train in a map? Now, a service launched by TrainEnquiry shows the live status of the almost 2000+ Indian trains in a Google Map.

Track Train Status Tool is nice given that train services in India are unpredictable. If they get is as a mobile APP it would be great. But the site is mobile compatible and can be browsed by the regular mobile web browsers.

The tool has option to search a train based name, train number. Or you could give a station name and navigate to that location easily. Then the details of the trains close to that location is listed.

Apart from providing details on map, the parent site also give train cancellation and diversion details.

Free India News Apps for iPad iPhone Android Mobiles & Tablet

India is catching up to the rise of Android and iOS platforms. Also the new Tablets in the form of iPad and Android Tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab/Kindle Fire. Now several Indian Dailies and TV channels offers Apps in the form e-magazine for these platforms especial formatted to iPad. These apps are available for iPhone and Android phones like Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony Ericsson.

Times of India:

The worlds largest English daily available on iPad/iPhone/Android.

Get The Times of India’s complete and up-to-date coverage of everything that is relevant and interesting — anytime, anywhere. This app, designed and developed for the iPhone/Android/iPad, brings you breaking news and unrivalled coverage of national, international, city, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, business, health, science and technology topics from India’s most-read newspaper. Reading a newspaper has never been more enjoyable.

• Breaking news, latest news stories and in-depth analysis
• Speed News scroll with minute-by-minute updates posted by more than 500 Times of India reporters from more than 80 Indian cities
• Live cricket scores and complete full-screen scorecard
• Local news from more than 30 cities
• Latest movie reviews by critics as well as readers
• Superb photo galleries
• Top videos from news, business, sports, entertainment and lifestyle categories
• Save articles for offline reading
• Share articles, photos and videos via email, Facebook or Twitter

Download the TOI App: iPhone, iPad, Android

Hindustan Times:

Hindustan Times now brings you the news experience on an iPad/iPhone.

Top Features

• Breaking News
• Full screen photo gallery
• Live cricket scorecard
• Blogs written by our editors
• Specials as they happen
• Stock markets across India and the world
• Videos across wide range of news categories
• Choose your weather from across multiple cities across India and the world
• Interactivity and social media integration
• Bookmark articles to read later

 Download HT Apps: iPhone, iPad, Android

Economic Times:

Want to keep up with Business news using your great interface available in iPad, Iphone now ET has apps available in these platforms.

ET is a leading provider of news on Markets and Businesses in India in general.

Download ET Apps: iPhone, iPad, Android


The NDTV HD iPad app brings you stories and videos live from the NDTV studios in India. Award-winning journalists and technology combine to report on Politics, Business, Cricket and Bollywood.

NDTV Social is a place to meet and become friends with your favourite NDTV anchors, presenters and reporters. Follow their status updates, ask and answer their questions, read what they’re reading and discuss it with them.

Live Video
Live Audio

• Breaking news, top stories, India, world, business, sports news and more
• Full coverage of news events
• City news, weather and popular stories
• Sharing via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook

Watch & View
• Daily video updates from the world of news, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, business, gadgets and health
• Top videos from all categories, most popular and the best of NDTV
• Photo galleries and slideshows

Download NDTV App: iPhone, iPad, Android


Convert your iPad into a complete news device. Get the latest headlines and complete news reports from India wherever you want it, whenever you want it. Enhanced by the iPad’s unique capabilites.

TV & Multimedia
– Watch live TV on three news channels: English, Hindi, Marathi
– View the latest news clips on video
– Watch all the shows, including Face The Nation, Devil’s Advocate, The Week That Wasn’t and more
– View photogalleries

– Get breaking news alerts
– Get live cricket scores

– Swipe and discover the latest and top news
– Read the story, watch the video and view the photos – all on the same screen
– Save news stories to read at your convenience

– Post links on your Facebook wall or mail them to your Facebook friends
– Tweet links to your followers’ timelines

Download IBN Live App: iPhone, iPad, Android

 Indian Express:

The Indian Express brings to you a one of it’s kind application for the iPad, which integrates stories from multiple sections, along with the daily newspaper. The Daily newspaper gets downloaded for offline reading. Share news items and Photo Gallery elements using Social Media. It’s here, It’s fresh and It’s all yours.

Application Features:
  • ePaper
  • Latest News
  • Multiple Sections
  • Multiple Photo Galleries
  • Easy Navigation
  • Easy sharing on Social Media
  • Save Articles for reading and reference later
  • Full screen photo gallery
Download IE App: iPhone, iPad, Android
The Markets on Mobile app is your gateway to all critical real-time information about the Indian and global markets through your iPhone. If you are an investor, trader, professional or just interested in business, economy and financial markets, you will find this to be an invaluable tool. And this application is powered by moneycontrol.com – India’s no.1 financial and business portal trusted by millions.
Use the application to get real time stock quotes, Indian and Global market Indices, manage and keep track of your investment portfolio, watch Live TV and get in-depth coverage & analysis of financial markets, economy and business.
Download MC App: iPhone, iPad, Android

Navigate through front page stories, blog posts, tweets, slideshows, videos and audio across a wide array of categories including politics, world, business, economy, investing, living, ideas, bollywood and sports. Our writers based across the globe bring you a fresh, new perspective of the critical issues that frame India and the world today.With a single touch you can share the story you like through facebook, twitter or email. Navigate through our hashtags – #thatsjustwrong, #whynow, #howthisworks etc. and get the story behind the story or simply track the issue of your choice #2G Scam.

As we break stories and views, join our team and break your own story, through the special “Break a story” feature that lets you upload existing videos or images or shoot ones from where you are and upload it through our app.

Download FirstPost App: iPhone, iPad, Android (No android App)

Selecting High Definition TV for DTH | TataSky, Airtel, Dish TV, D2H, BIG, Sundirect

What’s the right High Definition TV for use with the Indian DTH such as TataSky and Airtel Digital TV? There are several brands are available in the market: Samsung, Sony , Videocon, Philips etc., So the question is:

How do I chose the right HD TV?

There are several factors involved:

  1. Budget Rs 25000 or Rs 1lac and above. Now the price has gone down on HD TVs and we can get top band HD Tv for as low as Rs 25K for 32 inch TV
  2. Room Size. If the average viewing distance is 4-6 feet. Better to go for 32 inch TV. If it above 8 feet we can go for 42,46, inch TV
  3. 32 inch TV or 55 inch TV. If you are going to use teh TV for watching normal SD channels better opt for smaller size TV as the bigger TV the picture will be grained.
  4. Primary use of the Television: Whether it will be used to watch the Standard definition channels most of the time or the TV will be fed with High definition content from HD DTH , Blue Ray players, HD Media players like WD TV. If you use the TV for watching High Definition content in most cases you could opt for bigger size TV
  5. LCD TV or LED TV or 3D TV: Unless you have enough money to spend don’t go for 3D Tvs at this time. There is very minimal content available for 3D TVs and there are no 3D channels available in India. Only Videocon D2H has some test feed for 3D Service. LED TV is costlier than LCD TVs. LED TVs has better contrast and size is very thin. If you are ready to spend more money on these to advantages sure go ahead with LED TV. For average budget go for high end LCD TVs.
  6. What about SMART TV from Samsung: It’s very costly at the moment. Also you need an Home Network setup and need to connect your TV with ethernet connection. If you don’t have any plan for this ignore SMART TV. A better option would be to get an High Definition Media player that has the features like Youtube and connect it to your HD TV. That would work cheap and you get almost all the features of the high cost so called SMART TVs.
  7. How many HDMI ports needed in the TV: One for DTH. One for HD Media Player. At least one more is needed for conecting your high end Mobile phone Cameras, Cam corders. In case you plan to buy an XBOX or PlayStation in the future you want to connect it permanently to one HDMI port. Anyway, most of the HD TVs come with at least 4 HDMi ports. Check this based on your need.
  8. What about Media player support n HD TV. Though many TVs claim media play support for Pictures, Audio Video files, they have strong limitation of features. Most cases they won’t be able to play HD content! They can not decode your MKV files. Ignore these set of features. Get yourself a HD Media player.
  9. What is the best DTH with HD support ? Read this HD DTH Comparision.
  10. Top Brands to Choose: Samsung, Sony BRAVIA, Philips, Videocon


What other accessories needed for my HD TV?

  1. HD Media Player like WD TV if you want to play HD content stored in disks.
  2. HDMI Cable. Most TVs don’t come with HDMI cable included. The DTH Set Top Box comes with HDMI cable. It’s better to buy yourself one. The cost is from Rs200 to 500. Don’t spend more than that.

Flipkart Music Store: Flyte

Flipkart one of the reliable online stores in India, has launched Online music store called Flyte. It is very interesting move given that most of the online users in India downloads mp3 songs from thousands of warez sites available. Many do not even know that their downloads may be illegal.  Flipkart tries to change the game with iTunes like music downloads where you can buy individual songs.


The key features include:

  • DRM free music – you can play on any device anywhere and there is no control over who copies it and uses.
  • Song preview: You play the song for 30seconds before you can buy it
  • Looks like they offer only 128kbps encoded mp3 which is good for most purposes. But there are audiophiles who can differentiate 192/256/320kbps VBR from 128kbps. they may offer that future.
  • Available Language albums currently: Hindi,English,Tamil,Telugu,Punjabi,Malayalam, Bengali,Bhojpuri, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Rajasthani, Oriya, Sanskrit, Konkani, Urdu, Assamese, Angika, Awadhi, Bundeli, Chhattisgarhi, Garhwali, Haryanvi, Himachali, Kashmiri, Khortha, Kumaoni, Maarwari, Magadhi, Maithili, Manipuri, Naga, Nepali, Pali, Sambalpuri, Sindhi, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish
  • The available Generes: Devotional & Spiritual, Hindustani, Carnatic, Pop, Rock, Film / OST, Indipop (Indian Artists), Qawwali, Ghazal, Sufi, Lounge / Fusion, Electronic/Dance, Folk, Special Interest, Jazz, World Music, Blues, Children & Young Adults, Country & Western, Dance Styles, Exercise & Fitness, Rap & Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soul / R&B, Festivals & Occassions, Instrumental, Live, Classical

Too early to comment if they will offer lossess encoding like WAV,FLAC . They seem to have plans for player like iTunes and Android/Apple iOS clients

The important question is: Will the Indians ‘buy’ digital music ‘online’?

Airtel Digital TV DTH has 14 High Definition Channels | Highest as of Feb 2012

Airtel HD DTH has highest number of Asli HD channels as of February 2012.

Their True Asli High definition channels are:

  • Discovery HD
  • NGC HD
  • History HD
  • Movies Now HD
  • Star Movies HD
  • Star World HD
  • Star Gold HD
  • Star Plus HD
  • Colors HD
  • UTV Stars HD
  • TEN HD
  • CNBC Prime HD
Comparison Chart:

 Channel  Status  TataSky  Airtel BIG TV  SunDirect  Dish   Videocon
Discovery HD Full time HD Y Y N Y Y Y
NGC HD Full time HD Y Y Y Y Y Y
History HD Full time HD N Y N N Y N
Movies Now HD Full time HD N Y Y N Y Y
Star Movies HD Full time HD Y Y Y N N Y
Star World HD Full time HD Y Y N N N Y
Star Gold HD Full time HD Y Y N N N Y
Star Plus HD Full time HD Y Y Y N N Y
Colors HD Full time HD N Y N N Y Y
Zee HD Full time HD N N Y N N N
Zee Classic HD Full time HD N N N N Y N
UTV Stars HD Full time HD N Y N N Y N
ESPN HD Full time HD Y Y Y E E Y
TEN HD Full time HD N Y N N N Y
CNBC Prime HD Full time HD N Y N N Y N
ICONERT Full time HD N N Y N N N
Travel XP HD Full time HD N N N N Y N
Star Cricket HD Full time HD Y Y Y E E Y
Neo Croicket HD Event Based E N N N N N
Ten Cricket HD Event Based E E N N E N
Set MAX HD Event Based E [1] N N N N N
DD HD Event Based [2] E E E E E N
Sun TV HD Some upscaled N N N Y N N
KTV HD Some upscaled N N N Y N N
Sun Music HD Some upscaled N N N Y N N
Gemini HD Some upscaled N N N Y N N
Telugu Service HD Some upscaled N N N Y N N

Also see:

Full comparison of HD channels

Reliable Online Shopping sites in India

Slowly the eCommerce is picking up n India. Here is some of the reliable Online stores in India:

1) Flipkart


3) Homeshop18

Now the online shopping makes the shopping easy by providing several payment options: Credit card, Debit card, Online banking. The important one that brings in new users is the COD( Cash on Delivery). With COD user does not pay in advance and the cash is collected only at the time of delivery. When you make a COD purchase, the online store representatives calls you make sure you will be making the payment during delivery.

As Amazon is also planing to setup shop in India, the Indian sites are gearing for the battle. These sites are now more reliable and has good customer service. Flipkart provides 30 day replacement guarentee!


Prebook / Order Aakash tablet now! Price Rs 2500 & 3000

The much awaited Aakash tablet is available for online order. Just go to the Akashtablet.com site and select your model.

two models are available at present. One is the Original Aakash tablet with only Wifi and other with GPRS support called UbiSlate. the price is Rs2500/- & Rs3000/- respectively.

Once ordered you get a email with tracking number. This is just pre booking and we need to pay once we get the product to market.



Simple Way to Check Internet Usage on Airtel Broadband without Login: SmartBytes

Most of the Airtel Broadband plans available now are high speed plans( >2mbps). But none of them are truly unlimited. All the plans have high speed bandwidth transfer limit after which the speed is reduced to mediocre 256kbps.

Airtel has provided way to buy additional high speed Bandwidth for extra cost: Airtel SmartBytes. But they are very costly: 1GB costs Rs100/- 10GB for Rs 500/- up-to maximum of 150GB for Rs1500/-.

Though you will not be inclined to buy BW at very high cost from Airtel, it can be used to check your Data Usage very easily: that too without logging into the Airtel account.

1) Just go to the Smart-bytes Link


2) Select the option to check the option to see usage and buy BW( This works only from your Broadband connection not from external Internet connection)

You get to see the usage as below:

(This is for Airtel 1699 4 mbps 75GB plan)



Amazon Kindle Fire in India: Rs14000/- Kindle Rs6400/-

Looking for a place to buy Amazon Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch or Legacy Kindles in India, you can buy it at 20North10. It seems they have 10-15 days for shipping.

View the Store : 20North Kindle

Note & Warning:

Kindle Fire is officially not supported in India. Also you could try buying it directly from Amazon site, which might clear it without custom duty and will cost very less than the other stores like 20North.