How to Activate Vodafone 3G in India

Vodafone Mobile has launched its 3G services. Enjoy ZooZoo showcasing the services. But they have hidden the tariffs for the moment. The plans are not the ones you were dreaming off. But looks slightly better than Airtel.


How to Activate Vodafone 3G:

  • Send “ACT 3G“to 111
  • You will receive two SMS
  1. Enjoy high speed Internet and downloads, Video Calls, Live Mobile TV, HD Gaming with Vodafone 3G. We have your request for 3G service and will revert shortly
  2. 3G services on your phone will be activated in 24 Hrs. Your charges will remain the same as your current 2G plan. Video calling will be charged at  Rs 3 per minute
  • If it is activated( one day) and send the SMS again you will get the reply
  1. The ACT 3G service is already active for your Vodafone mobile phone

You may need to restart ( switch off and switch on ) your phone to browse in 3G. Otherwise only Video calling will work and data services.

41 Replies to “How to Activate Vodafone 3G in India”

  1. Am using an Iphone4 and have activated 3G but my phone just shows the edge network and does not show 3G. Have restarted my phone a number of times still no go. Any ideas?

  2. I got my 3G activated in VF Delhi but they say that it is not available active except central delhi, south delhi and in Gurgaon. I am unable to do a 3G location update from Dwarka, Delhi. My network still shows “Edge”.

  3. i hav x10 mini pro with android 2-1 firmware……….how can i get 3g coz it supports hsdpa namely hspa…………but am getting edge whys dat…………..

  4. i hav x10 mini pro with android 2-1 firmware……….how can i get 3g coz it supports hsdpa namely hspa…………but am getting edge whys dat…………..

  5. Vodafone doesn’t have 3G services in every part of delhi.

    Just Central, South Delhi & Gurgaon have 3G access.What’s the point in announcing those services which haven’t
    been activated wholly. TRAI should take necessary actions
    against this.

    Also, their Customer Care Executives tell me that 3G would be
    activated only if I activate a 3G plan. This was quite a lame excuse,
    as making Video Calls doesn’t require such Plans!

  6. I did MNP to vodfone, but I’m really disappointed, I have been trying to call Customer Care but, there no chance to get the care executives, only machine repeats and no option to talk to human beings. If you by chance got them, There is no proper information given to customers, both dealers and vodafone cc executives have no idea, how they can help their customers, they want to keep you ignorant and suck your money for the services like 3g. I’m a unhappy customer of vodafone, they don’t help. they should change their slogan. Above all this company needs to be transparent to their customers. even website don’t give you proper information. This was my experience. I don’t know someone might defend. before AirTel was on one of the top providers, but they neglected their services and caring for the customers, now they are not that great.  Good Day.

    1. Same here… Have been trying to contact the customer care but thre’s absolutely no option…. Wanted to know regarding 3G service on iPhone but in vain… Hopeless n really ignorant.. Guess airtel’s better compared to vodafone now…..

  7. send ACT 3G on 144 for 3g service on any phn reither they are iphone or bb, They will be activate ur service with in 24 hrs,,,, 😉

  8. Hi
    I have using iphone4 & i m using vodafone3G
    My balance is now 150mb.
    Then how to activate 3Gsettings in iphone4 in xellular data

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