Airtel 3G Tariff Plan. Minimum cost to get 3G

Airtel 3G has announced the Prepaid and postpaid tariff plans.

Update(11 June 2011): Latest plan available as on this date:

1- Rs 0,20KB@30Ps
2- Rs 0,250MB Free, 2Months,20KB@30PS,Nokia X3 3G offer
3- Rs 0,2GB Free, 2Months,20KB@30PS,Nokia N8 3G offer
4- Rs 1099,5GB Free,After 32.66GB 100% Free,100KB@1Ps
5- Rs 20,20KB@15Ps
6- Rs 200,250MB Free,20KB@30Ps
7- Rs 450,600MB Free,20KB@30Ps
8- Rs 675,1.25GB Fr,After 7.568GB 100% Free,100KB@2Ps
9- Rs 675,3375(Adv 6M),1.25GB Fr,After 7.568GB 100%Fr,100KB@2Ps
10- Rs 699,2GB Free,After 3.43GB 100% Free,100KB@2Ps
11- Rs 750,2GB Free,20KB@30Ps
12- Rs 750,3750(Adv 6M),2GB Free,30KB@6Ps
13- Rs 899,3.5GB Free,After 23.5367GB 100% Free,100KB@1Ps
Video Call- 5p per sec on Local, STD & Roaming in all plans If you wish to activate this plan, please reply with the number of your plan above to confirm.


Minimum entry cost for prepaid is Rs8/- with 10MB valid for 1 day.

For postpaid the minimum entry cost for 3G is Rs100/-  valid for 30 days.

After the given limit you will be charged 30paise/20K. ie If you use 100MB after the limit, you will get additional rs1500/- bill. This makes the 3G a costly service!

Video calling at 5p/sec throughout India.(Roaming/STD inclusive)

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