Airtel DTH Troubleshooting Tips

There are many reasons your Airtel DTH wont work.  It might be due to Dish Receiver or some issue in STB.

Problem Possible Cause Action
No picture, No Sound and no front panel display Set-Top box is not plugged into the mains or is not switched on. Check mains connections. Press to ON/OFF button on the front of the STB.
No Picture, No Sound but the front panel shows the display. The receiver is on Standby. Press on the power button  on the Remote control to bring the Set-Top box out of standby.
No Picture, No Sound but the indication on the front panel of the Set-Top box is correct 1. You are watching TV through your cable operator, Aerial connection or VCD, DVD player.
2. The AV connection are wrong.
3. The connections are right, but the TV is not connected up to external AV source [AV1, AV2 or DVD]
4. The cable connections are may be faulty [damaged, broken] or missing
1. Press the AV button on your remote.
2. Check the AV connection in the STB.
3. Check the TV’s AV connection.
4.Check all your connection and consult [see “connection diagram] or call us.
Irregular or bad reception Problem with cable connections. [damaged, broken connection or wires] 1.Check all the connections and cables.
2. Contact customer service.
A blank screen comes when you choose some services. You are watching a encrypted service or program 1. Choose another service or program
2. Contact customer service
The remote works with the TV & not with my STB. 1.You need to reset your remote control. 1.Press STB on your remote control to control your STB
2.Refer this guide to program your remote
The remote control does not operate. 1.Your STB may be off.
2. There are no batteries or the batteries may have become flat.
Make sure you point your remote directly towards your STB and nothing is between the two. The remote command light on your STB and on your remote control should flash each time you press a remote key. If neither light flashes, check batteries in you remote and if your STB is plugged to mains.
I have forgotten my PIN Call customer care to have your PIN reset
I cannot close the electronic programme guide Press   exit key on remote.

Even if these thing don work contact  Airtel Customer Service.

23 Replies to “Airtel DTH Troubleshooting Tips”

  1. My Airtel DTH can’t get Standby mode when connected to power supply.(no power)
    What may be the first solution about this problem?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. My Airtel DTH some times the audio is not coming until the settop box wire is remove and then
    What may be the first solution about this problem?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. i am also getting same audio is not comming please suggest. but tv volume is ok. tv and dth volume increases more and it is not in mute. after rest also getting same. when i switch off and on some times it resolved some times not resolving. please help. call me 8050150543

  3. My Airtel DTH showing a green light and some channels are working fine but for some channels, it is showing “No Signal b001” error.
    Is it a problem of dish alignment or setup box.

  4. My airtel digital tv set top box can’t work because the problem is the set top box stand by light and remot command light on at the time and can’t close this light what to to to stop stand by light

  5. I have the latest Airtel DTH box when I switch on with the remote I see no display.. I pull out the HDMI connector and reconnect and all seems to be fine. I have changed the port on the TV, Cable is new branded, Airtel team also changed the box on my request. Still having the same issue. some thoughts/suggestions please

  6. My airtel HD settopbox is dead in last 7 day and my complaint costomare car bt is pending no more Ripley
    Is thard class service i m no more longest customer from AIRTEL DTH is ID3015980817

  7. My airtel setup box, when I connect to power and cable, it shows red light only. the same setup box working properly at my neighbour’s house. my neighbour’s setup box working on my cable. why my setup box not working on my cable. I tried to switch on/off the power/cable and reset to factory mode all. still, I couldn’t get.

  8. My dish tv showing wrong colour effect.. i cant solve this problem.. even i had restored factory reset setting.. please can u solve this problem as fast as possible..

  9. My airtel reciever not working , my remote work properly but receiver light never flesh.
    Red and green does not working. Airtel receiver properly work airtel advertisement show in tv but I neither chang channel nor increase volume. I hope you solve the problem.

  10. My name is Nishith.
    My setup box is not starting.No video audio.No signal in TV. .

    All Led light on i e red ; Green and Yellow when power on..But setup box not booting.Pls do needful

  11. I have an airtel dth connection amd My television display is showing no signal . check external or another input i have checked all the connections and tried other input as well. I still cant receive the signal and there is no signal error code also

  12. New connection airtel dth hd. After subscription start, getting display video first but audio is coming after. Gap between of 1 2 seconds

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