ASUS RT-N16: Wifi Router with Torrent,HTTP,FTP Download Support

If you are looking for a economical multidimensional router that has support for print server, Home media server and Download support from FTP, FTP and Bit-torrent ASUS RT-N16 is the right choice. This compatible with the modems of the Indian ISPs: Reliance,  Airtel, BSNL, MTNL broadband. Please note that, it is only a router and does not include DSL modem. You need to use the Modem supplied by the ISP and connect it to the router.

The cost of this router in India as on June 2011 is Rs6000/-

Key features:

  1. 4 Gigabit Ethernet posts
  2. Two USB Ports
  3. HTTP, FTP and Torrrent Downloads via Download master. You don’t need to leave your PC running for days to download a big file. RTN16 will take care of that!
  4. Network Printer support. See printer compatibility in ASUS support
  5. WPS(Wifi protected setup) button support for easy Wifi configuration
  6. You can add custom firmware like TomatoUSB and make it a Linux workhorse! You can have your favorite Torrent client that can manage torrent via HTTP instead of ASUS supplied clients. You can also run custom scripts( like automatic login to ISP authentication via Curl/Wget ). The possibilities are infinite!!!

The drawbacks:

  1. This router is that it does not support dual-band.
  2. USB flash drives works well. But, the USB power of RT-N16 is low that some USB powered hard drives don’t function well. In that case you may have to buy “Powered USB Hub”


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