BSNL 3G Data Cards: Price, Features,Comparison

The datacard rates are two high with BSNL. They are providing Micromax mobile’s data-card.

There are 2 datacards, mono and QUAD type datacard. Mono datacard supports only 3G, while QUAD supports both 3G as well as 2G.

So, when u go out of Chennai, in a place where BSNL tower is there and 3G support is not enabled on that tower, the Mono datacard will not work, while the QUAD will pick up the 2G and it will work.The cost of Mono Datacard is Rs.2500 and QUAD is Rs.3500 (both are Micromax – offered by BSNL).

Alternative is to buy a QUAD datacard from riche st or EBAY.At EBAY, you can find QUAD datacard for Rs 1700/- .

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