Television viewing inside car with DTH: Dish TV Direct To Car

Dish TV DTH has a special service for viewing TV inside car. They have a special antenna that receives the Satellite signals even from a moving car. The regular DTH expects exact alignment of the Dish; otherwise it will not receive the signals.

How the DTH inside car works:

A special antenna is installed on top of the car which automatically tracks the satellite. This special dish is connected to the Set Top Box from it to the AV port of teh LCD screen inside car.They offer 100+ channels with other Active services like Movie on Demand and Games.

The exact price for this service is not published. To get the cost of this service contact their Dish TV customer support.

Temporarily suspend your DTH subscription in TataSky,Airtel and Dish TV

The problem with any subscription services like DTH,Cable is that, you will be charged the full mount even if you do not use the service. When you go on a holiday for few weeks or month you want to stop paying the daily amount deducted by the DTH operator. Now this has been made possible by the few Indian DTH operators.

How to stop service temporarily in TataSky:

Tata Sky has launched a service through which subscribers can save subscription fees while going on their annual vacation.
‘Once-a-Year Subscription Holiday Offer’ allows subscribers to temporarily disconnect all Tata Sky services for a minimum of 5 days to a maximum period of 15 days. Just call TataSky Helpline and ask to suspend.Make sure if there are fee associated for this as they seem to charge Rs 20/- for this.

Suspend Airtel Digital TV without paying for that period:

Similar offer is available with Airtel DTH service. Call up the customer care and notify them to stop the service for certain period. They can suspend the service for a minimum 30 days and maximum 90 days. But if you want to resume your service even before the period you asked them to suspend, you can do that by calling the customer care again. They will reactivate. But this can not be done every time you go on a vacation.

Stop paying Dish TV Temporarily:

Dish TV DTH service can also be suspended temporarily. Call up the customer support. They will do it for you.

SunDirect, BIG TV, Videocon D2H does not seem to have this temporary suspension service at the moment. This page will be updated once they have such service.

HD DTH Comparison: TataSky HD vs Airtel HD vs Dish TV HD vs BIG TV HD vs SunDirect HD

Update: Current list of HD Channels in India are:

  • Discovery HD
  • NGC HD
  • History HD
  • Movies Now HD
  • Star Movies HD
  • Star World HD
  • Star Gold HD
  • Star Plus HD
  • Colors HD
  • Zee HD
  • Zee Classic HD
  • UTV Stars HD
  • TEN HD
  • CNBC Prime HD
  • Travel XP HD
  • Star Cricket HD
  • Neo Croicket HD
  • Ten Cricket HD
  • Set MAX HD
  • DD HD
  • Sun TV HD
  • KTV HD
  • Sun Music HD
  • Gemini HD
  • Telugu Service HD

Update: For standard non HD DTH comparison see: DTH Comparison and Offers.

HD War has started in India DTH segment with TataSky, Airtel, BIG TV, SunDirect and Dish TV launching their HD services. When Sun Direct has HD service, the enrty cost was whopping Rs10000/-. Now, it has come down to Rs 2600/- with TataSky being the cheapest. Only Videocon D2H is yet to start their HD service.

Decide for yourself what is the Best High Definition DTH after seeing the comparison. Here is the comparison Chart for these DTH in the following criteria:

  • DVR Recording Support
  • Universal Remote
  • HDMI Out
  • Component Video
  • Composite Audio/video
  • Optical out for 5.1 Sound
  • Coaxial Out for 5.1 Sound
  • Number of HD Channels in 16:9 aspect ratio /1080i resolution
  • No. of Up-scaled HD Channels
  • Minimum Entry Cost for New Customers
  • Minimum Entry Cost for Existing Customers
  • Monthly Cost for Channels in 16:9
  • Monthly Cost for All HD Channels
  • Customer Service

Comparison Chart( Latest and Updated)

HD Channels Comparison Chart:

Key points to note:

  • Airtel, TataSky,BIG TV has HD DTH with Recoding DVR capability.
  • You can have any base package and add HD as add-on in all DTH except Sun Direct HD. You need to have METRO pack active for HD channels
  • Tata Sky,Airtel Digital TV and Dish TV TruHD has Coaxial S/PDIF out for 5.1 Dolby audio. BIG TV and Sun Direct has Optical TOSLINK out. Make sure your Home Theater receiver has teh corresponding port when you buy the High definition DTH Set Top Box
  • Only Airtel and BIG TV offers Universal Remote.
  • Though Videcon D2H has maximum number of Asli HD Channels, it does not provide 5.1 Dolby audio like TataSky and Airtel Digital TV
  • Videocon D2H is the only DTH that has a service that shows 3D content. Though it is a repeated content and nothing specific to India
  • There is very minimal 3D content available at present and better not to make buying decisions just on 3D capability of the DTH

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Remove addon packs in Tata Sky: Fast and Economical way

The main problems with services is in India is that they do everything when you give money to them. But, when it comes to unsubscribing from a service, say “Lifestyle Gold” or “Cosmo Pack”, you need run from pillar to pillar to get that done. Similar case with TataSky DTH. Adding a new channel pack is as simple as clicking a button on their web site. Also, just SMS from RMN(Registered Mobile Number) upgrades to higher package or Addon Pack within a matter of seconds. But, they do not give options to downgrade your base package or remove add-on packs. Normally, subscribers opt for Sports packages like Star Sports, ESPN,Ten Sports when there is cricket and add the corresponding package in matter of seconds.

But, when the cricket ends and want to delete that package, it’s not as easy as they did for adding that channels. You must call their Customer helpline. They ask several questions before they drop that package. For this reason, we can’t use the 5 minutes toll-free number as it gets disconnected before we talk to the customer reps.

Following is a simple way to avoid these:

  1. Login into your account.
  2. Then go to “Contact Us”
  3. Select “My Query” in that section
  4. In “Nature of query/complaint” select “Channel/Package”
  5. Select “Type” in “Drop Sports Package”. The sports package gets dropped.

For other ad-dons they call us and drop the packages.

Sun Direct DTH Customer Support Number, Online Contact

Sun Direct DTH is notorious for worst customer care. But followong are the ways to contact Sun DTH Customer Care via Phone , Web and Email:

There are no Toll Free numbers for SunDirect DTH.

Online contact:

Contact Sun DTH

Tolled Numbers:

Tamil Nadu:      044-39407575
Andhra Pradesh:     040-39407575
Kerala:     0484-3940757
Karnataka:     080-39407575
Bihar:     0612-3940757
Chhattisgarh:     0771-3940757
Gujarat:     079-39407575
Delhi:     011-39407575
Jammu and Kashmir:     011-39407575
Haryana:     0184-3940757
Himachal Pradesh:     0177-3940757
Jharkhand:     0651-3940757
Madhya Pradesh:     0731-3940757
Maharastra:     022-39407575
Orissa:     0674-3940757
Punjab:     0172-3940757
Rajasthan:     0141-3940757
Uttar Pradesh:     0522-3940757
West Bengal:     033-39407575

Good luck in getting support from them!

Customer Care details for other DTH: TataSky, Dish, BIG, Videocon and Airtel.

Videocon D2H DTH Customer Support Number,Email

Videocon DTH service D2H was late entrant in the market. But, they give professional service like other competitors. The contact phone no. of their Customer Care and Email addresses are given below:

Customer Care Numbers :

Toll Free Numbers:
1800 2000 111
1800 1023 111
1800 1806 000

Tolled Number:
0120 – 3989677
For content related queries:

Customer Care Email id:

Corporate office address:

Bharat Business Channel Limited
1st Floor, Techweb Centre, New Link Road,
Near Mega Mall, Oshiwara,
Mumbai – 400102. India.

High Definition HD DTH Connecting STB to HDMI and Home Theater with Diagram

TataSky, SunDirect, Dish TV, BIG TV and Airtel Digital has already launched their HD Services. Following procedure gives details on how to connect High Definition Set Top Box (STB) to your HD TV and Home Theater.

Connecting DTH HD STB to LCD TV( HD TV):

Both the HD TV and DTH DH Set Top Box has a HDMI port. All the DTH operators include HDMI cable for carrying HD signals from STB to the HD TV. You just need to connect one end to the STB’s HDMI port and one of the HDMI port in the TV.

Switch on the STB and TV and select HDMI input from your TV remote. You should see the picture and get the sound in the TV. Normally, channels will have the sound in TV without any change in settings. But, HD channels like Discovery, National Geographic(NGC) may not have sound coming in TV. These channels have 5.1 Dolby Digital audio and this will not be decoded by the LCD TV. To get audio of these channels in TV, the STB autio option needs to be changed to stereo( from the digital). But, you will not get teh 5.1 surround in the TV. To get 5.1 effect, the STB needs to be connected to the Home Theater.

Connecting HD STB to Home Theater:

Tata Sky HD,Dish TV TruHD and Airtel Digital TV HD services have Coaxial audio output. If you are planning to buy one of the DTH, make sure your Home theater receiver has Coaxial S/PDIF input for 5.1 sound. Dish TV Tru HD, BIG TV HD and Sun HD has Optical S/DIF for 5.1 audio. In case you buy one othese, make sure your audio receiver has a Optical port.

Connection diagram:

Dish TV DTH Customer Support Number, Email

Dish TV DTH Customer Care Number, Email and other support details are given below:

For Bulk/ Corporate inquiry, mail us at:
SMS: sms DISHTV to 57575.

SMS dishtv <call me> to 57575
To do state prompt call back,
This service is available only for RMN subscriber
Address: Dish TV India Ltd. FC – 19,
Sector 16 A, Film City,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh,
Pincode – 201 301
Customer care number 0120-2550000 (From all phone lines),
1860-180-3474 (Only for BSNL/MTNL lines),
From all non BSNL/MTNL lines Northern India:  011 -60013474
Southern India:  044 -60013474
Eastern India:    033 -60013474
Western India:   022 -60013474
For getting dishtv in your vehicle 09711166999

To enjoy call at local charges dial your State Capital STD Code followed by this number, Accessible from all non BSNL/MTNL phone lines*

Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir ( STD ) 0172-6001347, 0177-6001347
West Bengal, Assam  (STD) , Bihar 033-60013474, 0612-6001347
Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Chhattisgarh 0755-6001347, 0771-6001347, 0674-6001347
Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa 079-60013474, 022-60013474, 0832-6001347
Tamilnadu, Kerala 044-60013474, 0471-6001347
Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka 040-60013474, 080-60013474
Uttar Pradesh, Uttranchal 0522- 6001347,0135-6001347
Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana (STD) 011-60013474, 0141-6001347
There are no toll free number for Dish TV Customer care

Customer Care details of other DTH: Tata,Airtel,Sun.BIG,Videocon

BIG TV Customer Support Number,Email and Address

BIG TV DTH Customer Care phone number and Email details are given below:

Call Us:
All India (except North East states and J&K) :

1800 200 9001 (Toll-free Number)
1860 200 6666 ( Tolled)
9864098888 (local charges applicable)
Other North East States:
9863098888 (local charges applicable)
Jammu & Kashmir:
0191-2435017 (local charges applicable)


Write to Us:
2nd Floor, ´A´ Block,
Reliance Communications Limited
Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City
Thane Belapur Road,
Kopar Khairne,
Navi Mumbai – 400709

Customer Care details of Other DTH: Tata Sky, Sun,Videocon, Airtel,Dish TV