Prebook / Order Aakash tablet now! Price Rs 2500 & 3000

The much awaited Aakash tablet is available for online order. Just go to the site and select your model.

two models are available at present. One is the Original Aakash tablet with only Wifi and other with GPRS support called UbiSlate. the price is Rs2500/- & Rs3000/- respectively.

Once ordered you get a email with tracking number. This is just pre booking and we need to pay once we get the product to market.



Amazon Kindle Fire in India: Rs14000/- Kindle Rs6400/-

Looking for a place to buy Amazon Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch or Legacy Kindles in India, you can buy it at 20North10. It seems they have 10-15 days for shipping.

View the Store : 20North Kindle

Note & Warning:

Kindle Fire is officially not supported in India. Also you could try buying it directly from Amazon site, which might clear it without custom duty and will cost very less than the other stores like 20North.

Selecting High Definition TV for DTH | TataSky, Airtel, Dish TV, D2H, BIG, Sundirect

What’s the right High Definition TV for use with the Indian DTH such as TataSky and Airtel Digital TV? There are several brands are available in the market: Samsung, Sony , Videocon, Philips etc., So the question is:

How do I chose the right HD TV?

There are several factors involved:

  1. Budget Rs 25000 or Rs 1lac and above. Now the price has gone down on HD TVs and we can get top band HD Tv for as low as Rs 25K for 32 inch TV
  2. Room Size. If the average viewing distance is 4-6 feet. Better to go for 32 inch TV. If it above 8 feet we can go for 42,46, inch TV
  3. 32 inch TV or 55 inch TV. If you are going to use teh TV for watching normal SD channels better opt for smaller size TV as the bigger TV the picture will be grained.
  4. Primary use of the Television: Whether it will be used to watch the Standard definition channels most of the time or the TV will be fed with High definition content from HD DTH , Blue Ray players, HD Media players like WD TV. If you use the TV for watching High Definition content in most cases you could opt for bigger size TV
  5. LCD TV or LED TV or 3D TV: Unless you have enough money to spend don’t go for 3D Tvs at this time. There is very minimal content available for 3D TVs and there are no 3D channels available in India. Only Videocon D2H has some test feed for 3D Service. LED TV is costlier than LCD TVs. LED TVs has better contrast and size is very thin. If you are ready to spend more money on these to advantages sure go ahead with LED TV. For average budget go for high end LCD TVs.
  6. What about SMART TV from Samsung: It’s very costly at the moment. Also you need an Home Network setup and need to connect your TV with ethernet connection. If you don’t have any plan for this ignore SMART TV. A better option would be to get an High Definition Media player that has the features like Youtube and connect it to your HD TV. That would work cheap and you get almost all the features of the high cost so called SMART TVs.
  7. How many HDMI ports needed in the TV: One for DTH. One for HD Media Player. At least one more is needed for conecting your high end Mobile phone Cameras, Cam corders. In case you plan to buy an XBOX or PlayStation in the future you want to connect it permanently to one HDMI port. Anyway, most of the HD TVs come with at least 4 HDMi ports. Check this based on your need.
  8. What about Media player support n HD TV. Though many TVs claim media play support for Pictures, Audio Video files, they have strong limitation of features. Most cases they won’t be able to play HD content! They can not decode your MKV files. Ignore these set of features. Get yourself a HD Media player.
  9. What is the best DTH with HD support ? Read this HD DTH Comparision.
  10. Top Brands to Choose: Samsung, Sony BRAVIA, Philips, Videocon


What other accessories needed for my HD TV?

  1. HD Media Player like WD TV if you want to play HD content stored in disks.
  2. HDMI Cable. Most TVs don’t come with HDMI cable included. The DTH Set Top Box comes with HDMI cable. It’s better to buy yourself one. The cost is from Rs200 to 500. Don’t spend more than that.

Worlds Cheapest Android Tablet Launched in India: Rs 1700/-

Kapil Sibal HRD Minister Today launched the World’s cheapest Tablet computer based on Google’s Android Platform.

Tech Specs:

Processor: 366MHz

RAM: 256MB

Display Size: 7 inches

Display Resolution: 800 x 480 ( Same resolution of Samsug Galaxy S/SII 🙂 )

Android Version: 2.2 Froyo

With these specs you may not get things done as fast a iPad or Galaxy TAB. But with this price tag, even if the browsing is good it’s a great tool for students.

Galaxy Tab 750 vs iPad2 in India

Sometime back we did comparison on Samsung Galaxy SII vs Apple iPhone4 in India. Now it’s time for the tablet race. How does Samsuntg Galaxy Tab 750 compares to Apple’s iPad2?

Galaxy Tab Screen size is 10.1 inch(1024×768 resolution) compared to iPad2’s 10 inch screen(1280×800). Samsung is slightly ahead in resolution and opting for Widescreen format which enables better movie viewing.

Both have comparable weight ans size. Samsung is slightly lighter than iPad.

Galaxy’s Honeycomb(Android 3.0) is new and not as polished as Apple’s iOS. Next month Apple is coming up with iOS5 which integrated cloud  support. This will put Android far behind. Unlike the mobile apps for android, we have very little support for Apps optimized for Tablets. iPad has several mature apps custom built for it.

iPad2’s smart cover is a big +

Both have ~10hours battery life. But Apple have good reputation on battery.

32GB iPad2 with 3G costs Rs40000/- in Indian market. Samsung costs 36000 for similar configuration.

The slight price advantage is not enough to topple iPad2 in Tablet market! If 32GB Samsung with 3G is priced ~30K, we may consider it.

ASUS RT-N16: Wifi Router with Torrent,HTTP,FTP Download Support

If you are looking for a economical multidimensional router that has support for print server, Home media server and Download support from FTP, FTP and Bit-torrent ASUS RT-N16 is the right choice. This compatible with the modems of the Indian ISPs: Reliance,  Airtel, BSNL, MTNL broadband. Please note that, it is only a router and does not include DSL modem. You need to use the Modem supplied by the ISP and connect it to the router.

The cost of this router in India as on June 2011 is Rs6000/-

Key features:

  1. 4 Gigabit Ethernet posts
  2. Two USB Ports
  3. HTTP, FTP and Torrrent Downloads via Download master. You don’t need to leave your PC running for days to download a big file. RTN16 will take care of that!
  4. Network Printer support. See printer compatibility in ASUS support
  5. WPS(Wifi protected setup) button support for easy Wifi configuration
  6. You can add custom firmware like TomatoUSB and make it a Linux workhorse! You can have your favorite Torrent client that can manage torrent via HTTP instead of ASUS supplied clients. You can also run custom scripts( like automatic login to ISP authentication via Curl/Wget ). The possibilities are infinite!!!

The drawbacks:

  1. This router is that it does not support dual-band.
  2. USB flash drives works well. But, the USB power of RT-N16 is low that some USB powered hard drives don’t function well. In that case you may have to buy “Powered USB Hub”


iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S2 in India

iPhone4 and Samsung Galaxy SII were recently(May/June 2011) launched in India . Now, which one would you prefer to buy Apple iPhone4 or SGSII?

  • iPhone 4 build quality and looks are better than Samsung’s all-plastic SGS2. Personal preference matters here


  • iPhone 4 is more compact than SGSII. SGS2 may not be suitable for people with small hands. But you get large viewing space in SGS. Perdonal preference matters here too.

  • iPhone has awesome retina display with screen resolution of “960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi”(which is better than qHD resolution of 960×540) against Samsung’s WVGA(800-by-480) in Super AMOLED-plus display. SGS2 display seems to have infinite contrast ratio with impenetrable black. It’s hard to choose either one of them.


  • iPhone has single core A4 processor against Samsung’s dual core.


  • SGSII can record and play 1080p FullHD Video against iphone’s 720p recording. Samsung wins here


  • SGS2 has 8Mega pixel camera. iPhone 4 only 5MP. Samsung wins in image quality too


  • Coming to Indian language support like Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam & Bengali iOS4 of iPhone wins as it has native UNICODE support for these languages. Android yet start development in this front. Huge win for iPhone4 if you consume local language content more.


  • Apples iTunes store has more apps than Android. But android is catching with Appstore very fast.

  • Price of Samsung Galaxy s 2 is close to Rs31000/-. Iphone 4 base model 16GB is Rs35000+ must have 2 years contact with Airtel or Aircel plans which is approximately Rs500-600 per month. This increases the total cost of ownership of iPhone 4 India to Rs50000/- or more. But these phone companies advertises as if they are giving the iPhone for free!!!


So what’s your choice Samsung or Apple?

Buy official iPad 2 in India 29 April @Rs 29500/- onwards

iPad 2 is getting officially launched on April 29,2009 in India.

But iPad2 is sale on some sites like HomeShop18. But the warranty offered there may not be accepted by apple as they didn’t launch the product in India before aprlir 29th. Also the price quoted in HomeShop is also high : at least Rs5000/- higher than the prices expected in Apple stores.

Following are the expected price of Official iPad2:

iPad2 Wifi only 16GB : Rs 29500/-
iPad2 Wifi only 32GB : Rs 34500/-
iPad2 Wifi only 64GB : Rs 39500/-

iPad2 Wifi+3G only 16GB : Rs 36900/-
iPad2 Wifi+3G only 32GB : Rs 41900/-
iPad2 Wifi+3G only 64GB : Rs 46900/-


Locate your nearest Apple retailer ( Like Reliance Digital/Chrome) using : Apple Retailers Search for India