How to change audio language in Airtel,TataSky,Dish TV,BIG TV,SunDirect,Videocon DTH

Indian DTH services has many channels with multiple languages: English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

The audio language from English to Hindi, Hindi to Tamil, English to Telugu, English to Tamil can be easily changed in most of thsi DTH.

In TataSky, when viewing the channel  just press the green button to change to the language of your choice.

In Airtel Digital TV , press the blue button to change language.

In Dish TV, Press the button with the ‘speaker mark’ or A LANG button on your remote, the language will change automatically, from English to Hindi / or to the available audio on the channel.

Sun Direct has poor support in this: Press Audio Button in the remote -> from the menu select-Right -> and the language will be English.

Similar options exists for other DTH services: BIG and VideoCon D2H

8 Replies to “How to change audio language in Airtel,TataSky,Dish TV,BIG TV,SunDirect,Videocon DTH”

  1. How to change english channel toonami into hindi this channel work on powervu key i entered its working but this channel is in to change his language in to urdu asiasat 7 .reciver name:star track 1100 HD PLUS . Remote name:star track.

  2. Remot aur customer care se bhi language change nahi ho rahe hai
    Customer care se bat kiya
    Unhone bataya ki ye service broadcasting hai ham kuch nahi kar sakte.

  3. To change the audio language for national geographical chanel to telugu ,that time it was change but just change the chanel and retine same chanel laguage was not change remain it was change it in english. Poor airtel remote

  4. I want chang laguage of pogo Chanel from Hindi to English for airtel d2 h…after pressing blue button it will not change

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