iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S2 in India

iPhone4 and Samsung Galaxy SII were recently(May/June 2011) launched in India . Now, which one would you prefer to buy Apple iPhone4 or SGSII?

  • iPhone 4 build quality and looks are better than Samsung’s all-plastic SGS2. Personal preference matters here


  • iPhone 4 is more compact than SGSII. SGS2 may not be suitable for people with small hands. But you get large viewing space in SGS. Perdonal preference matters here too.

  • iPhone has awesome retina display with screen resolution of “960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi”(which is better than qHD resolution of 960×540) against Samsung’s WVGA(800-by-480) in Super AMOLED-plus display. SGS2 display seems to have infinite contrast ratio with impenetrable black. It’s hard to choose either one of them.


  • iPhone has single core A4 processor against Samsung’s dual core.


  • SGSII can record and play 1080p FullHD Video against iphone’s 720p recording. Samsung wins here


  • SGS2 has 8Mega pixel camera. iPhone 4 only 5MP. Samsung wins in image quality too


  • Coming to Indian language support like Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam & Bengali iOS4 of iPhone wins as it has native UNICODE support for these languages. Android yet start development in this front. Huge win for iPhone4 if you consume local language content more.


  • Apples iTunes store has more apps than Android. But android is catching with Appstore very fast.

  • Price of Samsung Galaxy s 2 is close to Rs31000/-. Iphone 4 base model 16GB is Rs35000+ must have 2 years contact with Airtel or Aircel plans which is approximately Rs500-600 per month. This increases the total cost of ownership of iPhone 4 India to Rs50000/- or more. But these phone companies advertises as if they are giving the iPhone for free!!!


So what’s your choice Samsung or Apple?

6 Replies to “iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S2 in India”

  1. ass…there is no contract for iPhone 4 in India….it’s factory unlcoked and u can use wid any sim….Airtel and Aircel are offering plans with more benefits like (free data, talktime, sms etc) …i.e if u recharge for 500 u’ll get benefits of 700+ something like tht…..its not 2 yrs contract….useless fellow

  2. Awful review. One can buy a factory unlocked iphone 4 which maybe a 16gb or 32gb costing Rs.34,000 and Rs.41,900 respectively without opting for the aircel or the airtel plan. If you have a look at the performance,service and the huge AppStore of the iphone 4 – Galaxy SII stands nowhere near.

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