Remove addon packs in Tata Sky: Fast and Economical way

The main problems with services is in India is that they do everything when you give money to them. But, when it comes to unsubscribing from a service, say “Lifestyle Gold” or “Cosmo Pack”, you need run from pillar to pillar to get that done. Similar case with TataSky DTH. Adding a new channel pack is as simple as clicking a button on their web site. Also, just SMS from RMN(Registered Mobile Number) upgrades to higher package or Addon Pack within a matter of seconds. But, they do not give options to downgrade your base package or remove add-on packs. Normally, subscribers opt for Sports packages like Star Sports, ESPN,Ten Sports when there is cricket and add the corresponding package in matter of seconds.

But, when the cricket ends and want to delete that package, it’s not as easy as they did for adding that channels. You must call their Customer helpline. They ask several questions before they drop that package. For this reason, we can’t use the 5 minutes toll-free number as it gets disconnected before we talk to the customer reps.

Following is a simple way to avoid these:

  1. Login into your account.
  2. Then go to “Contact Us”
  3. Select “My Query” in that section
  4. In “Nature of query/complaint” select “Channel/Package”
  5. Select “Type” in “Drop Sports Package”. The sports package gets dropped.

For other ad-dons they call us and drop the packages.