Prebook / Order Aakash tablet now! Price Rs 2500 & 3000

The much awaited Aakash tablet is available for online order. Just go to the site and select your model.

two models are available at present. One is the Original Aakash tablet with only Wifi and other with GPRS support called UbiSlate. the price is Rs2500/- & Rs3000/- respectively.

Once ordered you get a email with tracking number. This is just pre booking and we need to pay once we get the product to market.



Worlds Cheapest Android Tablet Launched in India: Rs 1700/-

Kapil Sibal HRD Minister Today launched the World’s cheapest Tablet computer based on Google’s Android Platform.

Tech Specs:

Processor: 366MHz

RAM: 256MB

Display Size: 7 inches

Display Resolution: 800 x 480 ( Same resolution of Samsug Galaxy S/SII 🙂 )

Android Version: 2.2 Froyo

With these specs you may not get things done as fast a iPad or Galaxy TAB. But with this price tag, even if the browsing is good it’s a great tool for students.

Galaxy Tab 750 vs iPad2 in India

Sometime back we did comparison on Samsung Galaxy SII vs Apple iPhone4 in India. Now it’s time for the tablet race. How does Samsuntg Galaxy Tab 750 compares to Apple’s iPad2?

Galaxy Tab Screen size is 10.1 inch(1024×768 resolution) compared to iPad2’s 10 inch screen(1280×800). Samsung is slightly ahead in resolution and opting for Widescreen format which enables better movie viewing.

Both have comparable weight ans size. Samsung is slightly lighter than iPad.

Galaxy’s Honeycomb(Android 3.0) is new and not as polished as Apple’s iOS. Next month Apple is coming up with iOS5 which integrated cloud  support. This will put Android far behind. Unlike the mobile apps for android, we have very little support for Apps optimized for Tablets. iPad has several mature apps custom built for it.

iPad2’s smart cover is a big +

Both have ~10hours battery life. But Apple have good reputation on battery.

32GB iPad2 with 3G costs Rs40000/- in Indian market. Samsung costs 36000 for similar configuration.

The slight price advantage is not enough to topple iPad2 in Tablet market! If 32GB Samsung with 3G is priced ~30K, we may consider it.

Buy official iPad 2 in India 29 April @Rs 29500/- onwards

iPad 2 is getting officially launched on April 29,2009 in India.

But iPad2 is sale on some sites like HomeShop18. But the warranty offered there may not be accepted by apple as they didn’t launch the product in India before aprlir 29th. Also the price quoted in HomeShop is also high : at least Rs5000/- higher than the prices expected in Apple stores.

Following are the expected price of Official iPad2:

iPad2 Wifi only 16GB : Rs 29500/-
iPad2 Wifi only 32GB : Rs 34500/-
iPad2 Wifi only 64GB : Rs 39500/-

iPad2 Wifi+3G only 16GB : Rs 36900/-
iPad2 Wifi+3G only 32GB : Rs 41900/-
iPad2 Wifi+3G only 64GB : Rs 46900/-


Locate your nearest Apple retailer ( Like Reliance Digital/Chrome) using : Apple Retailers Search for India