Idea 3G Tariff Plans

Idea 3G Tariff Plans are very simple:

MRP (In Rs.) Free Data (In MB) Validity (In days) Charges after Free Usage
8*                    20                                 1                                     5p/10 KB
52*                 100                               3                                     5p/10 KB


These plans are still very primitive. We need plans that are valid for a month.

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Activating Idea 3G

Airtel 3G Roaming Data Charges: Costs Rs15 per MB!

If you think Airtel 3G tariff plans are very costly, you will be shocked, if you look at the fine prints on the 3G usage for roaming. It costs 30 paise per 20KB, which works out to Rs 15 per MB. 


If you have the 100MB for 100 Rupees plan, if you are in roaming and used 100MB, it will cost you whopping Rs1500/-


Vodafone does not have the Tariff plan during roaming mentioned in their site. We could assume they charge the same amount. In that case it will be far better than Airtel 3G.

Airtel 3G Tariff Plan. Minimum cost to get 3G

Airtel 3G has announced the Prepaid and postpaid tariff plans.

Update(11 June 2011): Latest plan available as on this date:

1- Rs 0,20KB@30Ps
2- Rs 0,250MB Free, 2Months,20KB@30PS,Nokia X3 3G offer
3- Rs 0,2GB Free, 2Months,20KB@30PS,Nokia N8 3G offer
4- Rs 1099,5GB Free,After 32.66GB 100% Free,100KB@1Ps
5- Rs 20,20KB@15Ps
6- Rs 200,250MB Free,20KB@30Ps
7- Rs 450,600MB Free,20KB@30Ps
8- Rs 675,1.25GB Fr,After 7.568GB 100% Free,100KB@2Ps
9- Rs 675,3375(Adv 6M),1.25GB Fr,After 7.568GB 100%Fr,100KB@2Ps
10- Rs 699,2GB Free,After 3.43GB 100% Free,100KB@2Ps
11- Rs 750,2GB Free,20KB@30Ps
12- Rs 750,3750(Adv 6M),2GB Free,30KB@6Ps
13- Rs 899,3.5GB Free,After 23.5367GB 100% Free,100KB@1Ps
Video Call- 5p per sec on Local, STD & Roaming in all plans If you wish to activate this plan, please reply with the number of your plan above to confirm.


Minimum entry cost for prepaid is Rs8/- with 10MB valid for 1 day.

For postpaid the minimum entry cost for 3G is Rs100/-  valid for 30 days.

After the given limit you will be charged 30paise/20K. ie If you use 100MB after the limit, you will get additional rs1500/- bill. This makes the 3G a costly service!

Video calling at 5p/sec throughout India.(Roaming/STD inclusive)