HD DTH Comparison: TataSky HD vs Airtel HD vs Dish TV HD vs BIG TV HD vs SunDirect HD

Update: Current list of HD Channels in India are:

  • Discovery HD
  • NGC HD
  • History HD
  • Movies Now HD
  • Star Movies HD
  • Star World HD
  • Star Gold HD
  • Star Plus HD
  • Colors HD
  • Zee HD
  • Zee Classic HD
  • UTV Stars HD
  • TEN HD
  • CNBC Prime HD
  • Travel XP HD
  • Star Cricket HD
  • Neo Croicket HD
  • Ten Cricket HD
  • Set MAX HD
  • DD HD
  • Sun TV HD
  • KTV HD
  • Sun Music HD
  • Gemini HD
  • Telugu Service HD

Update: For standard non HD DTH comparison see: DTH Comparison and Offers.

HD War has started in India DTH segment with TataSky, Airtel, BIG TV, SunDirect and Dish TV launching their HD services. When Sun Direct has HD service, the enrty cost was whopping Rs10000/-. Now, it has come down to Rs 2600/- with TataSky being the cheapest. Only Videocon D2H is yet to start their HD service.

Decide for yourself what is the Best High Definition DTH after seeing the comparison. Here is the comparison Chart for these DTH in the following criteria:

  • DVR Recording Support
  • Universal Remote
  • HDMI Out
  • Component Video
  • Composite Audio/video
  • Optical out for 5.1 Sound
  • Coaxial Out for 5.1 Sound
  • Number of HD Channels in 16:9 aspect ratio /1080i resolution
  • No. of Up-scaled HD Channels
  • Minimum Entry Cost for New Customers
  • Minimum Entry Cost for Existing Customers
  • Monthly Cost for Channels in 16:9
  • Monthly Cost for All HD Channels
  • Customer Service

Comparison Chart( Latest and Updated)

HD Channels Comparison Chart:

Key points to note:

  • Airtel, TataSky,BIG TV has HD DTH with Recoding DVR capability.
  • You can have any base package and add HD as add-on in all DTH except Sun Direct HD. You need to have METRO pack active for HD channels
  • Tata Sky,Airtel Digital TV and Dish TV TruHD has Coaxial S/PDIF out for 5.1 Dolby audio. BIG TV and Sun Direct has Optical TOSLINK out. Make sure your Home Theater receiver has teh corresponding port when you buy the High definition DTH Set Top Box
  • Only Airtel and BIG TV offers Universal Remote.
  • Though Videcon D2H has maximum number of Asli HD Channels, it does not provide 5.1 Dolby audio like TataSky and Airtel Digital TV
  • Videocon D2H is the only DTH that has a service that shows 3D content. Though it is a repeated content and nothing specific to India
  • There is very minimal 3D content available at present and better not to make buying decisions just on 3D capability of the DTH

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105 Replies to “HD DTH Comparison: TataSky HD vs Airtel HD vs Dish TV HD vs BIG TV HD vs SunDirect HD”

  1. Hello Guys,

    I just bought a Sony Bravia 40 KDL Ex520, I have a normal hathway cable, Please suggest a d2h i can go for, Tata Sky, Airtel, Videocon or Sundirect, I am residing in Thane

  2. Hi Every One,
    Thank to you all for your Valuable feedback.
    Now i am confused,Can you please help me,
    I have bought a 40″ SAMSUNGLED-FULL HD
    But looking at all the reviews i feel every HD DTH service providers are cheating.
    but i still want to buy 1 HD-DTH,
    Can you all please suggest me which 1 to buy?
    TATA SKY HD + or AIrtel HD or D2H Videcon or DIsh TV True HD??

    please reply back to me  as early as possible as i have to buy 1 in a day or 2.


  3. Hi Every One,Thank to you all for your Valuable feedback.Now i am confused,Can you please help me,I have bought a 40″ SAMSUNGLED-FULL HDBut looking at all the reviews i feel every HD DTH service providers are cheating.but i still want to buy 1 HD-DTH,Can you all please suggest me which 1 to buy?TATA SKY HD + or AIrtel HD or D2H Videcon or DIsh TV True HD??please reply back to me as early as possible as i have to buy 1 in a day or 2.
    My requirment is
    1.More HD Channels and Quality.
    3.5.1 audi output.


  4. I am planning to buy a 32″ Full HD LED TV this diwali…
    Please suggest the best HD DTH for me to fully utilize the LED Tv
    1) Will watch SD channels most of the time..have notice that sd channels get blurry and smeary in the LED TV.
    2) HD channels should make full use of Full HD LED TV
    3) Good customer care..

  5. Tatasky service is worst. They generally don’t communicate in writing, so that nothing is on record. I didn’t get support against complaint for repair after a long chase-up for service. Ultimately needed to move to Consumers’ Forum.

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