Television viewing inside car with DTH: Dish TV Direct To Car

Dish TV DTH has a special service for viewing TV inside car. They have a special antenna that receives the Satellite signals even from a moving car. The regular DTH expects exact alignment of the Dish; otherwise it will not receive the signals.

How the DTH inside car works:

A special antenna is installed on top of the car which automatically tracks the satellite. This special dish is connected to the Set Top Box from it to the AV port of teh LCD screen inside car.They offer 100+ channels with other Active services like Movie on Demand and Games.

The exact price for this service is not published. To get the cost of this service contact their Dish TV customer support.

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  1. You can have this Dish TV plus UAWIFI UA3 for full auto package. Internet + TV in your car….now you can live in it with out going home.

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